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Junior Coaching Programme

Seed Tennis (Hugo Santos) provides the Junior Coaching Programme for the Club.

The coaching programme allows children to learn the sport while having FUN!  It develops their skills and their confidence. 


Further structured development will build on this skill base and progress to concentrating on developing consistency and accuracy of all strokes.

Maximum children per sessions = 10

Orange Beginners (9-11 years old)
5.50pm - 6.40pm
Red Beginner 3 (7 - 8 years old)
5.00pm - 5:50pm
Red Beginner 2 (5 - 6 years old)
4:10pm - 5.00pm
Red Beginner 1 (5 - 6 years old)
3:20pm - 4:10pm

Registration is for each term and includes: 8 lessons of 50 mins each, entry to a junior event & access to home challenges.     Mahurangi East Tennis Club subsidise each child and provide free court access for coaching sessions.

During the Summer season (School Terms 4 & 1), the junior coaching programme includes 50 minutes of group coaching.  


For intermediate level players, please enquire at for availability in alternative classes at a suitable level.

For further information, to enrol and payment of fees, contact Seed Tennis on their website:

Coaching Dates:

See sessions available on

Coaching does not take place during school holidays and on public holidays.

There are additional costs for tournaments.

There are no discounts for enrolments part way through the coaching programme.

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